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School Information



P & C


Staff Member Position
John O'Neill Principal  
Mark Leaning Associate Principal
Denise Lynch Associate Principal
Geraldine Vaughan Registrar  
Candi Nelson Administrative Assistant  
Theresa Moran School Officer  
Elissa Baker Library Officer  
Colin Huckett Gardener/Handyman  
Julie Dignon L.O.T.E - French  
Anna Agnello Music
Greg Perry Phys Ed  
Michelle Martino Visual Arts  
Danee Power Kindy 1 and 2  
Elita Reid Kindy 1 and 2  
Jane Roose Kindy 3  
Shannen Watts Pre Primary 1  
Julie Ryan Pre Primary 1  
Cindy Allen Pre Primary 2  
Tanneal Burch Pre Primary 2  
Shelley Flight Year 1  
Kristy Hill Year 1
Sharon Gilbey Year 1  
Mary Strohfeld Year 1  
Veronica Morcom Year 2  
Christine Lane Year 2  
Peta Beaton Year 2 and 3  
Karen McIntyre Year 2
Sandi Smith Year 2  
Sarah Fulford Year 2  
Kathy Nelson Year 3
Vicki Secrett Year 3  
Renae Livingstone Year 4  
Simon Haworth Year 4  
Ben Brooke Year 4/5  
Hillary Bootsma Year 5  
Sunny Kendrick Year 5  
Trenna Lewington Year 6  
Di Cadby Year 6  
Denise Lynch Year 6  
Lydia Butler Education Assistant  
Michelle Ferster Education Assistant  
Elodie Gallaher Education Assistant  
Tracey Greenwell Education Assistant  
Christine Lane Education Assistant  
Jessica Linfoot Education Assistant  
Julie Maltman Education Assistant  
Katie Matthew Education Assistant  
Donna Odom-Moss Education Assistant  
Deborah Smith Education Assistant  
Sharon Thompson Education Assistant  
Sandi Tunbridge Education Assistant  
Angie DeFilippis Cleaner in Charge  
Sue Lacey Cleaner  
Colin Nicholl Cleaner  
Tracey Troode Cleaner  
Hayato Nishikawa Cleaner