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Specialist Programmes
Davallia Primary School in Duncraig, Western Australia provides a diverse, challenging and enriching curriculum that caters for all children.

Our experienced staff have been recognised for their innovative and inclusive classroom practices and for the outstanding success they have achieved with their students.

The kinds of experiences we offer help develop in our children the skills for and a love of life long learning.

French Language Programme Year 1-6

The Aim Gesture Method from Canada which is now widely used in the Eastern States was introduced to Davallia in 2009. This is a verb and action based programme which uses songs, games and drama to promote language learning using a pared down language (PDL) of around 900 commonly used words needed for effective communication. Each word has a gesture to encourage kinaesthetic learning of the vocabulary as well as the more traditional methods of aural recall. As there is a "no English" rule children are immersed in French for either 45 minutes or 90 minutes a week for maximum output. The actions have made a huge difference to the language acquisition of students and children can ask everyday questions easily and fluently by Year 2, as well as performing short plays to their peers and the rest of the school by Year 5.

In Year 5 and 6 the focus changes and Technology and Intercultural Language strategies play a huge part in the delivery of the programme. Students have a classroom lesson and a computer based lesson. The vocabulary taught in the classroom is practised online using many of the wonderful language learning websites available as well as demonstrated by students through PowerPoint presentations, talking avatars and movie making projects.

Students in year 4-6 take part in the Language Perfect (Education Perfect) World Championships, a hugely popular online Languages competition which always causes a buzz around the school for two weeks in May. Davallia has been the most successful Primary School in this competition in Western Australia for the last two years. Language Nut has been introduced across the school for home use and practise.

Music plays a huge part in language learning and there is now a wealth of excellent resources available to further enhance student engagement. The opportunities for communication are endless. Culturally all students experience the various festivals of France, its foods and traditions including an annual trip to the French Film Festival in Northbridge, costume days, the annual French Sticker competition and pancakes for Mardi Gras.

The program will be aligned to the new West Australian Languages Curriculum which is currently being phased in for trialling and will be reported on from 2018.

Davallia has also hosted two French speaking Languages assistants which is always a great opportunity to engage further with current language trends as well as culture.

French is a fun, challenging and well supported part of the Davallia Curriculum.

Julie Dignon, French Teacher.


Davallia Primary School offers children of all ages a wonderful Music Programme.

Every class receives specialist teaching from Miss Agnello, the school’s Music Teacher, and, as a result, our assembly performances are outstanding.

Miss Agnello also conducts and coordinates our Super Senior School Choir. The Choir performed together with our String Ensemble at both our school’s ANZAC Day Ceremony and the Government School’s Music Concert held at Burswood Theatre.

To encourage and cater for the many musically talented children we have at Davallia PS, we offer specialist training in Strings (Violin, Viola and Cello), Brass (Trumpet, Trombone and Baritone), Clarinet and Classical Guitar. These instrumental students are often seen performing at our school assemblies, and encouraged to perform outside of the school setting (Eisteddfods, Festivals).

Visual Art

Davallia has outstanding art facilities. We have an Art Room and fantastic resources. Staff have diverse expertise and occasionally work with children of a range of ages. Drop by the office to see some of our beautiful art work first hand.

Davallia has an outstanding Information and Communication Technology programme.

Our school network provides every classroom a broadband connection to the Internet and allows students easy access to diverse and interesting software. The crown jewel of our school’s ICT facilities is the Virtual Learning Suite with thirty two new PCs, plasma and projector.

Students from all classes develop a wide range of ICT competencies. In our school students regularly use technology as a tool to support and enhance their learning across all curriculum areas. Students use exciting technologies like interactive whiteboards, video cameras, digital cameras, scanners, and the latest computers to create multimedia presentations of their own.

At Davallia we are putting the tools of the future in the hands of our students.
Phys Ed
Davallia Primary offers a varied and exciting range of sports for children to try.

We compete at district level in Athletics, Football, Netball, Soccer, Volleyball.

Overseeing our fantastic programme are our school Physical Education Specialists Mrs. Trenna Lewington and Mr. Greg Perry. Mrs. Lewington and Mr. Perry, with the support of our experienced teachers, have devised a programme dedicated to preparing our children for an active and healthy lifestyle.

As part of our role in identifying and developing athletes of the future, we frequently organise development officers to conduct specialised clinics with our children. Examples of sports covered include Basketball, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Golf, Hockey and Lacrosse. Our curriculum is enriched with a variety of fun and challenging sporting experiences.

Along with the competitive sports and daily fitness routines children at Davallia are provided with an opportunity to learn to swim with Department of Education instructors. Students in Year Seven are also taught Social Dance under the guidance of instructors from Humphrey’s Dance Studio.

Physical Activity is a priority at our school this year. All Year 1 to 7 students will participate in two hours of physical activity per week. This will take the form of physical education lessons, sport and daily fitness sessions.