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Davallia is recognised for its strong community spirit and the P&C works with the school to undertake and support a wide range of activities and events including the Safety House program, Kiss and Drive and Trivia Night.

Davallia P&C actively supports the school through fundraising, with it being a significant part of our activities. Many of the events provide opportunities for the parents and students to work together and socialise. Following is a list of the year’s activities.

The Fundraising Coordinator is supported by a number of parent volunteers. If you would like to be involved or know more about the events please contact Fundraising Coordinator, Cheryl Liddelow.

Event/Activity Date Coordinator
Assembly Cake Stalls Fortnightly Class Representatives
Term 1  
State Election Sausage Sizzle March Cheryl Liddelow
Hot Cross Buns Fundraiser   Cheryl Liddelow
Term 2    
Entertainment Book Fundraiser 17 May Keren Attryrde
School Disco 21 June Rachel Gregson
Movie Fundraiser 27 June Coralie Pinney
Term 3    
Trivia Night Fundraiser 10 August Coralie Pinney
Open Night – Book Fair 22 August Jacqui Scott
Sports Faction Carnival –
Face Painting and icecream sales
5 September Cheryl Liddelow
Federal Election Sausage Sizzle TBC Cheryl Liddelow
Term 4    
Bunnings Sausage Sizzle TBC Flannagan Family
Poynter Farmers Market Stall 9 November Cheryl Liddelow
Family Fun Night 29 November Cheryl Liddelow
School Disco December Rachel Gregson