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Davallia Primary School Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) is a voluntary group of parents and community members that promotes the interests of the school through:

  • assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school; and
  • fostering community engagement in our school.

The core functions of the P&C are fundraising; management of the uniform shop; coordination of the Safety House program, Kiss and Drive and Scholastic Bookclub. Davallia P&C funds a significant ICT program and the purchase of educational resources for classroom learning and the library, as well as supporting improvements around the school grounds.

Office bearers elected annually at the AGM are responsible for the coordination of the P&C. Meetings are held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday evening of week 4 and week 9, each term, in the school library. The school is represented by Principal John O’Neill and Associate Principals Mark Leaning and Denise Lynch. Participating in meetings is an excellent way to become involved in the Association. All are welcome.

The P&C is an integral part of Davallia Primary School’s community. Your involvement is a fantastic way to enhance your child’s education. The ongoing success of the P&C relies on an active and supportive school community. As a starting point, we encourage interested parents and carers to attend P&C meetings and join us by providing your contact details for our Helping Hand List .